Sunday, May 18, 2008

Can You Teach an Old Dog New Tricks?

I had hoped to make it to the LYS Saturday and meet local knitters I've met on Ravelry, but that didn't happen. My MIL had knee surgery last week and was moved to at a rehab center Friday night. I'd planned to go visit her after an hour or so at LYS knitting, but, oh well, the best laid plans! Prior to walking out the door, I phoned MIL to see if she needed me to bring anything, I was given a rather large and detailed list. I felt like I was an intruder as I went through her house, drawers, cupboards, and closets searching for items! Though she's always welcomed me into her home, I've never ventured into the private areas of her house!

There were a few items I could not find, even after going back several times looking in the same drawer (as if it would magically appear?), so I had to to the local discount store. While I was at the store, I figured I should get my weekend shopping done as I hate shopping at this store on a Saturday (too many people!) and the thought of two trips in one day there didn't sit well with me. It was well after noon when I walked out of the store, and one of the gals I was going to meet said she'd leave around 12:00, so I went directly to see my MIL!

A while ago, she'd mentioned she'd like to learn to knit; Thursday I dropped off a learn to knit book, needles, and a skein of yarn. Yesterday I gave her her first knitting lesson! I spent a good hour trying to teach her how to cast on before she finally "got it." I wanted to get her stitches cast on, and then teach her the knit stitch. She insisted she's not ready to do the knitting and is going to practice casting on until my next visit! No matter what I said, I could not get her to let me teach her the knit stitch. Even telling her how much trouble I had learning to cast on and how I used to have my girlfriend cast on for me wouldn't get her to move on! I'll phone her later today and find out if she's master casting on yet; she was doing very well when we put it down to take a coffee and cookie break! She'd attempted casting on by herself so we had to learn the correct way and unlearning wrong ways to learn it the right way takes so much time!

The little bird I spoke of earlier is a Blackburnian Warbler. A flighty little thing that would not allow me very close to himself or his girlfriend. I was creeping around the miniature horses' pen, hiding behind trees to get a shot from my camera. He sat for a bit on "they boys" feeder, I was able to get a few shots before he flitted off to another place trying to get away from that human hunting him down with a camera!

I have continued to work on my second sock. Nine more rows and I'll turn for the heel; this one is moving along much faster than my first sock! That first one, I could only knit for 5 or 10 minutes without my shoulder screaming in pain. I think I may be getting hooked on socks! It is nice to be able to start and finish a project in such a short amount of time.

I'm so glad my row counter has numbers. For the oddest reason, when moving it from one needle to the next, picking up the next number, I kept dropping it (never had this issue before, or maybe I just never noticed the problem?), it was nice to know which number I was on so all I had to do was pick up the row counter and place it back on the needle at the correct number few times I dropped it. I guess if I drop stitches, dropping row counters shouldn't have surprised me!

I see many socks in my future. I will attempt a pattern out of Cat's book, New Pathways for Sock Knitters Book One for my next pair of socks! There are some summer ankle socks I'd like to try also.

This is far more then I'd planned to type, sorry if I bored you!

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