Monday, May 12, 2008

A Healing Ride

Last November I had a terrible fall from my horse - it required surgery and some pretty intense rehab (and NO knitting).

I've ridden my horse, but we've stayed in the safety of the arena. I've been invited on a trail ride, but was having too much anxiety, so I hung back.

Yesterday I took a baby step! I decided I would need to take it slow and that my first ride outside of the arena would NOT be a trail ride. After riding her bareback in the arena, I put her saddle on and we ventured out around the grounds. We went maybe 200 or 300 feet and back, but I rode her in the big wide open! We even trotted!

So, my recovery continues to progress and I'm getting "my life" back!


Darcie said...

Yea for baby steps! They all add up to a big leap.
Congrats on the new blog! I'll add you to my blog roll.

Fiber Jewels said...

I'll add you to my blog roll too....what's a blog roll? How do I add you?


Darcie said...

It's just a list of links. : ) Makes it easy for me to check out the blogs I read on a regular basis.