Saturday, May 10, 2008

May 10, 1994

Here I go, attempting to keep up with the online-Jone's and have a blog. I have found it rather interesting reading other people's blogs as they share the day-to-day events of their lives. Kind of like Seinfeld; Nothing too special, just life!

Spring is attempting to take it's hold in the Northland. I'm tempting fate - this week I unplugged the miniature horse's heated water bucket and put out the summer trough. I recall last year doing this too soon and ended up trying to pop a 30 gallon ice cube out of the water trough!

Last fall we had the back yard leveled and tossed grass seed -- the birds seem to be enjoying eating it, so I wonder how long it will take us to get that grass going with the birds eating the seeds. It is wonderful to be outside and hear all the bird calls; now if they'd just eat the sunflower we have out and leave the grass seed alone!!!

The deer have gotten braver and have been eating the tulips growing up near the house (the pictures above is of two of them last December - I enjoyed them then, when my garden was protected under snow!). I ran some electric fencing around my back flower bed and have had one visitor try to eat the tulips in that bed. One morning, the electric fence was down, with insulators all over the yard. I'd like to run electric fence around the flower beds up near the house, but DH doesn't want the ugly yellow fence in the front yard!

I have several stitch markers I need to list in my Etsy store, some orders to mail out. I need to finish at least one knit project before too long into the summer: a buttery-yellow short-sleeved mocked turtle neck. I should log off and work on them.

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