Sunday, May 11, 2008

Mother's Day

My mother and niece are coming from Alaska May 22, so we spent yesterday doing things that we want done before their arrival.

We moved the manure/compost pile to my various garden spots along the trails that go through our woods. The temperatures were decent; not so cold you had to have gloves and a hat on, but cool enough you weren't getting hot from the hard work. My shoulder is still not quite right, so I did more "supervising" then the heavy labor I normally do when we do this yearly chore.

I was able to come in the house while DS and DH were finishing up so I could "get dinner going." While they were taking showers, I went through my "knitting stuff" and determine what projects I need to get going on as well as see yarns I forgot I had! Joining Ravelry really has spured my knitting on.

After dinner, I was able to organize my projects and get some knitting done:

  • Two more inches on my sock before I get to decrease for the toe. I hope to complete the other one so that I have a pair, hopefully with less frogging, more knitting! For what ever reason, turning the heel caused me a great amount of difficulty!

  • I really need to finish my Mock T-neck as it IS a summer sweater. This poor little sweater has been my "go-to" project to work on when in between or bored with other projects. It's time to pull it to the front and "git r done"!

  • The weekend sweater (above) only needs a couple hours to finish. I may not be able to wear it until this fall (hopeful thinking!); I really should give it a final push and finish it. It is large, takes up a lot of room and it's still early enough in the spring to be able to wear it (after all, I did wear the first one I made yesterday when DH and I ran a few errands in the morning).

  • My little "Summer Scarf" will just have to wait. I love the yarn, the stitch is going well, but I'm not sure if it will be wide enough.

This morning, I awoke to a beautiful plant on our diningroom table from DS - a beatiful hanging plant, pictured above.

I also took pictures of my projects in process -- right now they are all for me! I'll have to see if I can find pictures of my finished projects that have been completed for others, but I think I knit and give away, I may only have one or two pictures to post on Ravelry.

Today the plans are DS and DH will leave me alone to do what ever it is I want (go ride my horse). I should pick one project and complete it....maybe today I should complete that Weekend Sweater and be done with it!

Hope all the Mom's have a day that is for THEM!

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