Friday, May 30, 2008

The last of our road trips

Yesterday was the last of our day trips. As per Mapquest, we spent 10 hours 55 minutes in the car and logged 512.6 miles on my car!

Our last day we got a late start on our trip to Wisconsin Mom had packed a lunch so we stopped in Cornucopia to eat it. We all walked around on the sand beach after eating before continuing our trip.

We arrived in Bayfield, Wisconsin around 2:15 to learn that the Madeline Island Museum had closed 15 minutes before we arrived in Bayfield! We still took the ferry to the island and walked around. There was some work being done on the island that caused them to turn off the electriciy in areas. It was surprisingly hot on the island. A quick look around and we hopped back on the ferry to return to the mainland, back in the car, and off to Ashland to a yarn shop there to pick up some drop spindles and roving.

We all agreed our favorite spot was Split Rock. It's too bad as I'm sure our trip to Madeline Island could have been much greater had the museum not been closed; it was a let down. To do all the research I did, check to see they're open, their hours, entrance fees, etc., and to get there for nothing!

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