Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Frog it, forget it, finish it?!

I've just spent an untold number of hours on a short sleeve mock T-neck sweater in a soft buttery-yellow color of fixation yarn. Now that I'm getting into the nuts and bolts of the pattern (shaping for neck, arms, etc.), I'm finding some major errors. I'm not happy!

I'm now 'unknitting' the last row because, if I follow their directions for dividing for the arms, I'll start the back in the middle of one of the arm pits! The pattern tells you to start on the RS -- but to continue, I will have to be on the wrong side?! OMG! The more I look at the pattern the more frustrated I become!

Am I the only one who will knit 'forever' and get to a point where I want to rip it all out and make something else!?

I fell in love with the pattern, and even more so when I found the buttery-yellow fixation yarn. But now?!

I guess I'll have to make a trip to my LYS and see if I can get some help there!? Or, frog it!

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