Thursday, June 19, 2008

My Little Fiber Jewels

My little etsy shop, Fiber Jewels & More, is doing pretty well. Nothing I can quit work and retire on, but enough to keep me in crafting supplies. I've been told there is a 12 step program for craft-aholics, but the first step is admitting there's a problem, and I just ain't gonna do that just yet!

I'd like to get my lanyards listed in my store, but they are selling faster locally, word of mouth, then I can make and list in my store! They are pretty heavy duty, with 40 pound test weight beading wire, strong magnets that will release if the lanyard gets caught on something (like the paper shredder, or if a student decides to choke the teacher), and pretty. I make them fairly long so that one doesn't have to lean down to unlock doors. And, they are selling like hotcakes! I have also been selling the same version in a eye-glass necklace! I have two weeks off, so I'm hoping to get some of the lanyards made and listed in my shop during that time.

This week I did my first etsy barter trade. A gal convo'ed me in regards to my row counters. She loved them, wanted a different size, would also like matching stitch markers, but her price point was about $11. I checked out her store, saw the cutest items, convo'ed her back stating I'd love the Chocolate, chocolate, chocolate bowl and could we work out a trade? She's gotten her row counters, stitch markers, etc., and my little bowl should arrive any day. Check out LittleBirdProductions, she's got the cutest little hats too!

I have no idea what I'm going to use the bowl for, but I'm sure I'll find a use for it, maybe to store chocolate in at work!
I did an Internet search on "Fiberjewels" and was happy to find a wonderful review of my row counters on a blog of a customer. Check it out!
I've met such wonderful people through my etsy store, and earned some spending cash in the process...if I could only spend it on other things besides more and more beads!

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