Friday, June 27, 2008

Pattern from hell

I've decided that I will finish this bleeping "Buttery Yellow Summer Sweater" and get it off my needles ASAP!!!

I hate the pattern. Okay, I don't hate the pattern, I hate that there are so many errors on the pattern that it's caused me to do more frogging than knitting! I contacted Cascade Yarns, which is where I got the pattern, asking for Errata and they rudely told me that designer was no longer associated with them and to go to my LYS for help!? Hu? Then remove the pattern from your web site because it is bad news! I knit a section, realize it is incorrect, frog it, when I can't figure out what the error is I have to make a trip to my LYS (which is not convenient for me unless I'm at work), and knit on. I've been working on this since prior to my accident, so that would be 7 months. I try to give myself slack as there was a month or more that I couldn't knit without extreme pain in my reconstructed shoulder. Okay, I'll give myself that. BUT! Ugh! That doesn't negate all the errors on the pattern, and all the frogging it has caused me to do!

I have started working on the arm holes and am on the back, going from knitting in the round to RS/WS knitting. It no longer looks like a tube top or miniskirt! Soon, soon it will be off my needles - it is the first garment I've knit that will require piecing, oh joy!

Yesterday was far too hot for me. I took a quick trip to the barn to ride, but it was so hot there, I brought my horse in, fed her, hosed her off with cold water, put sunblock on her nose (she has gotten the worse sunburn I've ever seen!) put her back and drove home.
Before and after the barn trip, I spent most of my time knitting with a new sock yarn (I should have been knitting on the above sweater). These are my 2nd pair of socks (I'm not counting the sock I ripped out that I mentioned in my previous post). I'm liking the yarn's self-striping pattern, but I'm not too crazy about the colors. Why can the colors look so lovely when in a skein, but totally different when knit up?

I also dropped more money than I care to admit ordering from KnitPicks; after all, free shipping for orders over $50 orders (when their shipping is so cheap to begin with! LOL).
I want to give dying a try and they have these cool sock blanks that you dye and knit two socks at one time (check out "Finally finished" under "Tina's Blog" under My Blog List). So I had to also order the correct needles, in two different sizes as well as two different materials so I can decide which one is my favorite, Nickel Plated,or Harmony Wood. Then there was a sock pattern I fell in love with and had to have the "correct" yarn for them and - the order kept growing!
There is a pair of socks in Cat's book I want to work on also. They are called "Veil of Leaves" and can be found on page 34 of her book. I have several "sock yarns" in my stash, but all are self-striping and wouldn't do the pattern justice, so I have to get to my LYS to see what solid like color I can find, or at least one that isn't self-patterning or self-striping!
Supposed to be cool and raining today so maybe I should go play with my horse before it rains, then come home and get the rest of my chores done as well as getting some errands done. I'm sure there's got to be an errand I can run near my LYS (which is out of my way unless I'm at work), so I can get that yarn for those "Veil of Leaves" socks!
Knit on!

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kibbles said...

How incredibly rude of Cascade! I will think twice before buying any more of their yarn, let alone any patterns!

You know, I had no idea that horses could get sunburned. Poor thing!

I can't wait for you to get your KnitPicks order and give us the scoop on the sock blank and those needles. I've been holding back on my order because I *always* spend too much! LOL