Thursday, June 26, 2008

Perfectionism -- Good or Bad?

Okay, I admit it, I'm a perfectionist! At times it is very bad. For instnace: I'd been knitting happily on my second pair of socks when, a short time ago, I noticed a place where I'd added a stitch. Ever since I noticed it, it just bugged me! I couldn't move on. Should I decrease to have the correct number of stitches? Should I rip out a good 4 inches of knitting, fix the mistake and reknit all that I ripped out? I even thought of dropping the stitch and working the extra yarn around each row.

I was ending a very busy day last night with a little knitting. I really need to get mye short-sleeve sweater (substitute SUMMER sweater) done, and the sock was screaming at me to fix it. So, I decided to ripped it out, all the way to about 2 rows below the cuff! I was then evenly spreading out the stitches on the needles when I noticed I was short one stitch. Hu?! After a lot of counting and recounting and checking to make sure I hadn't dropped a stitch it dawned on me: a while back, I noticed I was short a stitch so I increased that row by one! GRRRR! In frustration, I figured I'd ripped out 4 inches or more already, I might as well rip out the remainder of the ______ sock! I couldn't even knit anymore with that yarn.....I had to go get another skein and start a new pair of socks (my poor summer sweater had to wait!).

So, that is a case in point where being a perfectionist is not good.

It IS good that I tend to be that way with my stitch markers and row counters. It is evident in recent feed back, and comments made on my customer's blogs! I may not have a huge business and I will never able to live on what I earn there, but I can rest assured that I do good work and stand behind my product!

Perfectionism -- Good or Bad? I guess it is both!

Please check out what is being said by my customers on their blogs under "Customer Feedback"!

Have a good one, and happy knitting!

p.s. -- another case in point -- I've edited this post more times then I can count...I think I need go have breakfast!

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