Saturday, June 14, 2008

So many projects, so little time

Today's post really has little to do with knitting, well, maybe.

At home, I'm know by my husband for being unorganized (keep in mind, this is a man who believes in a place for everything and everything in its place, he makes to-do lists and gets the items on his lists completed). Me, on the other hand, make to-do lists, and promptly loose them. At work everyone thinks I'm ultra organized, but it more if I don't "do it" now, it doesn't get done.

When my husband asks me to do something I get hives....let's just add yet one more thing to my list that I won't get done!

Yesterday, while avoiding work on the computer I found Microsoft Outlook Tasks manager. OMG! I can type up task lists and can't loose them (unless I loose my computer). Then it dawned on me that we have Outlook for our email at work and low and behold, I can write task lists there too....AND send myself reminders!

I have gotten so much done in the past 24 hours, I can't believe it. A stack of pants my husband has wanted me to make into shorts (since LAST summer), are now shorts. I have several pairs of pants that, either my leg gs suddenly grew 2 inches, or they shrunk and I've been wearing them as high-waters. One pair is now a cute pair of capris. Another, not so much--I didn't realize they had a slight flare and make silly looking capris -- they will become walking shorts, next week.

Last night, as I did some knitting, I actually did it guilt free....I've been adding tasks to my outlook and setting a date to get them done. It is freeing to see the complete list with several items crossed off! Now to figure out how often I want to do those chores that I am never caught up on, like my scrapbook (you know, if you don't take pictures, you remain caught up!), sewing/mending (I hate mending).

My list for today is done, so I'm off to play! Or knit!

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