Sunday, July 13, 2008

"Clear Sailing"

I've reached the part of the pattern where I'm told it is all "clear sailing" until I get to the cuff!

Heel turned, gusset picked up and decreased, it's just leg from here on out! The socks continue to remain the pink I wanted, despite the orange cast of the sock blank! I'm thinking these might be great little socks for wearing under my boots during the winter, so I'm going to knit them as tall as the blank will allow me to go (unless it appears they are going to be thigh-high!).
This week I received the project bag from ZigZagStitches and it is wonderful! I have ordered a bunch of other storage items in the same cute cat pattern!
Her Boxy Bag Pouches are GREAT! My sock blank fits nicely in the bag, I zip the bag almost shut and am able to pull from the blank while knitting. She uses a nylon zipper that has not snagged my yarn, the zipper pull is finished off with a cute little wooden bead!
My next sock will be from two balls/skeins of yarn it will be interesting to learn how the boxy bag handles skeins/balls!

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