Tuesday, July 29, 2008

I'm a new mom!!!!!

Two years ago, my husband's dog passed away from old age. I've tried unsuccessful for him to commit to a new dog, but it just hurt too much when we had to put Reba down.

We met this little girl on the 5th of July; her parents belong to neighbors of BIL. She started to melt DS's, and by Sunday we got her!
I'm off for the next 5 weeks, so we are doing a lot of intense puppy training!
She is the BEST little puppy I've ever had the chance to know!
This week is crate training without her hating the crate. After a pretty rough first night of me sleeping on the floor outside her crate door, she's beginning to realize it is not all bad! I had a little better sleep last night; am hopeful I'll get even more sleep tonight.
Only two accidents in the house (it helps when we're outside all the time!).
DH hates it when I sit home all day and "do nothing" (knitting, reading, not working my tail off doing house chores), so now I have an excuse. "Couldn't do anything, had to watch the puppy!"
Well, she's awake after her morning nap, so we need to go outside for a potty break, and a romp in the grass, and who knows what else our day entails! I might have to take a nap with her after lunch!

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