Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Safe & Secure Lanyards in my Etsy Store

"Safe & Secure Lanyards"
"Safe & Secure Eye Glass Leashes" too!
I finally made two lanyards that I didn't give away or sell before I could take pictures of them and list them in my store.
These lanyards are the best (not that I'm biased)! They've been in the works for a LONG time. I don't remember where I got my first beaded lanyard, don't recall if I bought it, or made it, but I do know it didn't meet my needs! Several beaded lanyards later I have come up with a design I'm proud to put my name on!
These lanyards are SAFE because I have placed a strong magnetic clasp in it. The lanyard will "break apart" if you get it stuck on something, or it falls into the shredder (as did happen with our secretary!). Or, as can happen, if a student (or coworker) gets angry and tries to strangle you, you are safe! (I work with "at-risk" students, no one's be strangled yet, but you never know with these unstable children!) The magnet shouldn't release with minor snags, so it won't come off as you lean across the desk to reach for something.
The SECURE part comes into play with the beading wire, which is the strongest I could find and will withstand over 40 pounds! Think of the keys you can hang around your neck! Another secure feature is that I have used two crimps on all joins, then covered them with crimp covers!
Other UNIQUE features:
  • The lanyards are a bit longer then other lanyards I've seen -- to make it easier to lock and unlock doors without having to hunch over.
  • The ends are all looped so that should a clasp break, it can easily be replaced without having to restring (and yes, I'll do that should it happen, just send it back and I will fix it - your only cost will be shipping to me).


The same SAFE & SECURE features, but the "normal" length of other eyeglass leashes I've found. ANY of the Safe & Secure Lanyards can be changed to Eye Glass Leashes at no additional cost to my customers!


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