Thursday, July 31, 2008

Little Miss Abby

The puppy has a name now (Abby) and her training is coming along nicely! She continues to be a very good girl, even though she's beginning to show a little independent streak!

She slept in her crate all night, with me on my bed (not on the floor) so I'm feeling pretty good today.

Shortly after breakfast we go outside and "walk" the trails of our property. I walk, she runs and romps and bounces off trees and other obstacles. Our walks really burn her excess energy off, and gives me several HOURS to ... knit, read, surf the net. I stay close to the room she is in so I can keep one eye on her, as she will get up, check where I am and drift back off to sleep.

I've managed to get the cuff done on my "Girl's Best Friend Anklets." The sock pattern that caused me a lot of frogging. I will get the other cuff done and then will finish the pair knitting two at a time.

She has forced me to clean up my knitting corner. It sure was nice to find things I thought I'd lost!!!

Nap time is almost over, there are some things I'd like to get done before she awakes (like take a shower), until next time!

Happy Knitting!

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