Sunday, July 27, 2008

Double Points or Circular?

Here are my first pair of socks that I knit using the Magic Loop (ML) method from a sock blank I dyed myself.
I'm not too sold on ML method, although it was nice to bind off and be done with both socks, at times, it felt like it was taking "forever" so when I was tired of them, I knit the cuff and bound off!
Those socks that caused me to knit late into the night with JOMR last weekend? Well, as you can see in the photo, I haven't gotten too far!
I'm SO glad I decided I'd knit one sock at a time as I knew I'd have to frog while I figured the pattern out. I've been this far before, and then frogged the entire thing when I noticed, way back when, I'd made an error in the lace pattern. I could have just added a stitch, but nope, I had to rip it all out and start over!
I'm tired of fighting the tangled mess the yarn and loops of the cable can become, so a trip to my LYS may be in order to get dpns for this project.
I was thinking I'd be done before I got my sock blank from my swap partner. At the rate I'm going, I'll be lucky to have them done before the snow melts next spring! We will Knit Along (KAL) with our sock blanks using the same pattern as the pink socks above I will need the circular needles this sock is on; I could use another circular set I have, but a trip to my LYS? hmmmm
I wanted to "just knit" last night, no counting stitches, YO's, ssk, TL1, etc., so I pulled out another project on the sticks. LOVE this yarn (Wisdom Yarns - San Diego), love the patterning, not too wild about the colors, BUT, another pair that I won't have to worry about DS taking and stretching to his size 11 feet!
No fighting with a tangle of yarn and cable from the circular needles, just simple knitting from needle to needle!
Oh, the joy of a simple knit stitch!!!
I got my package off for my swap partner and now awaiting my knit blank. As I said above, we will KAL a pair of socks with the two at at time toe up socks pattern, so I have to get the green socks off those needles. Yes, a trip to my LYS will be in order this week for some dpns.

I am coveting the purple sock blank I dyed and have listed in my store. If it doesn't sell soon, it just may find itself on my needles for my 6th pair of socks!

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