Wednesday, July 2, 2008

When good Patterns go Wrong!

At what point should one just give up? The beautiful buttery yellow sweater continues to drive me nuts! First it was errors on the pattern that I battled and a rude email from Cascade when I asked for errata on the pattern. Now?

Well, the skein I'm working on now gets thin every once and a while. At first I thought I was pulling the yarn so tight I was "removing" the elasticity. Nope, a flaw with the skein. So, now what?

It's the back, do I just hope and pray that I won't have any more issues with the yarn and pattern? Or do I get the sock pattern for this yarn and make 4 pairs of socks? Or a ton of infant caps? Or put it in the deep dark depths of my closet?

I have another inch or so before I bind the back off, and begin work on the front above the arm pits; then the neck and arms.

I am beginning to resent every stitch I make as it could be spent on something else. I had such high hopes for this cute little sweater!

If I put it aside, either "for-ever" or until I'm no longer upset with it, I could spend my knitting time on socks. I ordered sock blanks and am going to give dying it a try; then I HAVE to knit socks out of it!
So frustrating!

Think I'll go knit on my sock until I go to bed.


Darcie said...

Eek! If the thinning of the yarn is clearly visible in a photo, then I must really be bad! How incredibly frustrating!

Debi said...

Looks to me like the skein is defective. I've never had a problem like that. Cascade should give you all NEW yarn in one matching dyelot so you can knit your sweater over.