Friday, July 11, 2008

yeah, some days are like that!

There are times when I really wonder why it is I knit!

Maybe I'm just too much of a perfectionist!

Maybe I shouldn't look for errors!

Maybe I should take up a different hobby!


Things were progressing nicely on the toe up socks and I was ready to turn the heels. In counting and placing stitch markers I found an error. If I wasn't such a perfectionist, I'd have just figured out how to fix the error through increase or decrease, but no, I had to do some major frogging, first on only one sock, then on both!

Oh well, these socks will be perfect! Well, until I find another error!!! I guess when I'm tired and I want to do JOMR (just one more row), I should put the knitting down and go to bed because JOMR can mean several hours for me!

Until next time, knit happy!

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