Friday, August 22, 2008

A Better Mouse Trap (Row Counter)

I often do searches online for row counters, seeing what's out there, what seems to sell, and seeing if I can I do anything to my row counters to make them better.

I came across the one pictured here. It looked to be great!

My own row counters, especially for larger needles, can be, well, in a word LONG! I've recently started adding a lobster claw on the end so the row counter can be made into a circle and shortened by half.

This abacus row counter could be it! With my own beading supplies I made my own to try out. After completing my Ravelympics socks were done, I was able to return to my work with my Girl's Bestfriend Anklets.
After completing the cuff, the pattern was to knit 50 rows. Perfect pattern to try out the abacus.
After each row, instead of slipping my needle into my the next number, I had to stop knitting to slide the ring over the next number.
When I hit row 11 I had to move the ring over all the numbers back to 1, I began to see the flaw with this row counter.
I decided I'd continue to use this row counter for all 50 rows; stopping every row to move the ring over the number, and stopping every 10 rows to slide it all the way back up to 1 to start the next ten. I have 9 more rows and then this row counter will not be used again! If the pattern calls for any more counting, I'll be using one of my Row Counter Chains!

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