Saturday, August 2, 2008

By George, I think I've got it!

When learning how to knit winter of 2006, I read that both "poor knitters" and "good knitters" made mistakes. What sets them apart is that a "good knitter" knows how to fix their mistakes.

As I work on the second cuff of the Girl's Best Friend Anklets, that thought keeps jumping through my mind. I lost count of how many times I frogged the first cuff. The 7th row of the lace pattern just did me in.

I just completed the 8th row of the lace pattern on my second sock. I have made mistakes, yet, now that I've knitted the lace pattern and see how all those yo, ssk, k3,yo, TL, etc. all work together to create the lace pattern, when I realize I dropped a stitch or forgot a yo, I am able to pick it up, without messing up the lace pattern!

The cuff on this second sock will look very nice. I am tempted to rip out the first cuff, but heck, if someone is looking that close at my socks, I can kick them, right!?


Darcie said...

Very pretty socks! One day I will have to get adventurous and try something other than plain vanilla socks. But after seeing how much trouble you had with this sock, I think I may wait a while longer. :)

And your puppy is adorable!

Fiber Jewels said...

Hey Darcie! Don't let my issues stop you. Now that I have it figured out, I'm planning this same pattern with other yarns!!!!