Wednesday, August 27, 2008

It's in her breeding!

Abby, our little Springer/Britney cross puppy, has discovered how to use her nose this past week.

It's amazing seeing the qualities of her breeds coming through, watching her do things no one has taught her! Watching her figure it all out, and learn how to do it better all on her own!

She flushed and pointed a bird this weekend on a walk in the woods. When the bird took off, Abby froze in the point position! It was amazing to watch her!

Another time, when playing fetch, her stick landed in the tall brush and she couldn't see it. She ran back and forth over the area where she'd heard it land, and then started to circle the area, zeroing in on it in the brush!

Last night, on a walk in the woods, I noticed a rabbit far ahead on the trail. When we got to the spot where the rabbit had been, Abby stopped dead in her tracks and began sniffing the ground. It was apparent she wasn't sure what the scent was, as her hair raised up giving her a razor back look. She was curious, but cautious!

She is a very good little girl.

Now if we could be as successful with potty training! It was easier "house breaking" my miniature horses than her!!! She knows she's supposed to potty outside, but hasn't figured out that she NOT supposed to do it inside! Oh well, at least she is no longer peeing on my carpets, but has decided the linoleum is safe!

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