Tuesday, September 9, 2008

ah, autumn!

We have gone from warm, almost hot, summer, to a cool autumn. It's too early, BUT, that means I might get to wear my collection of new wool socks I knit soon!

School has started, which means I returned to my job as our school's Title One teacher.

Abby continues to take up an enormous amount of time, we have a neighbor girl coming 2 or 3 times a week after school to let Abby out and play with her. This should allow me time to drop by the stable on the way home from work so I can ride.

The location of my "craft room" is still up in the air. We pulled most of my craft items out of the corner of our storeroom/shop as this has become Abby's room when we are both at work. This weekend I sat in the room with her so that Monday the room wouldn't be a total shock to her system in addition to being locked up for 8+ hours. I couldn't handle the thought of that, so I came home at lunch time (my prep and lunch run back to back). Although she did potty in the room, she didn't destroy anything or try to dig herself out of the room through the door!

Once the location of my craft room/workshop is decided, I can set it up and then get back into making items for my etsy shop.

I am going to knit worsted weight wool socks for my husband; decided I'd dye them myself. He wanted red, but not fire-engine red. So, I added just a touch of blue. Not a good idea. The yarn turned out a beautiful shade of merlot, which will be great for MY socks, but not so much for him! So, to dye or just buy, that is the question for the red. I do love playing with the dyes and blank yarn, could list the extra 220 yards of yarn in my shop, but I'll just have to think about it!

It is time for me to get ready for work, take Abby outside for one last run before being locked away for the day (hmmm, wonder if I'll manage to stay at work all day or run home at lunch -- which is a 45 minute round trip errand!).

Happy Knitting!

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