Sunday, September 21, 2008

Back Up and Running

As though of you who follow this blog know, we got a puppy this summer. Getting a puppy is like having a baby. Your life changes and ours sure has!

The first change with my Etsy Store was that I just didn't have time to play with my beads!

In preparation for when I returned to work as a school teacher earlier this month we had to find a place to put her during the day. A place that wouldn't matter if she had accidents in, and there wasn't much she could get into to ruin or hurt herself.

The room that I have my "workshop" in became the perfect place. This is also our "all purpose room," we have lots of shelves for storage, a laundry tub, a small work bench for my husband, my little craft corner, and, the important thing, no carpeting!

My beading supplies were packed up, with the idea of moving to a different location. I couldn't decide where I wanted to set up my workshop, my poor little Etsy shop remained on hold, along with all my beading supplies in a closet upstairs.

Everything is unpacked now, but not in a new location! After tossing a bunch of old crafting supplies I was able to make room so that I could store my beads, tools, and other supplies, out of Abby's reach. I set up my workshop in the same spot so that I could spend time with Abby in "her room " so that she didn't always associate isolation with this room.

I won't be able to leave all my beading tools and supplies out, so no beading during those few minutes here and there. I will probably be beading on weekends when we really don't lock her up as much and I can leave the 'stuff' out; she can lay at my feet while I bead. Or on those evenings when I have time to set up my table, and then put it all away again!

I just listed seven new items, stitch markers and a row counter, that I'd made prior to packing up that I never got around to photographing and packaging up. Just found two sets of Letter Stitch markers I'll have to try to list later this week.

I have bare yarn coming to dye as that is my goal - to add hand dyed yarns to my shop as a regular item to stock.

It's now time to pack up for the day and get going - a family trip to our hunting shack is on the agenda (still waiting to find out if our son will be available, or if he "forgot" and made plans with friends instead of hanging out with his old parents!). We bought me a hunting license this year; just "in case" I want to hunt with my hubby like we did way back in the day, BC (before children). Don't tell hubby, but I'd rather be riding my horse, but, you know, bonding time and all that! Besides, a walk in the woods is good exercise!

Now if I could only figure out how to walk in the woods AND knit without tripping or running into tree branches!!

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