Friday, September 26, 2008


One of my new Harmony Wood needle tips broke last night! I had put my knitting down to do something, came back and one of them was broken. Our son wasn't home, so I couldn't blame it on him; it was on the coffee table, so no one had sat on it while I was out of the room; the dog was not running around with it in her mouth, so she hadn't broken it in half.

I've contacted KnitPicks with the hopes they will replace the tip, but in the mean time, my Merlot socks are in limbo!!! A couple more rows and I'll be done with the gullet decrease and another 6 or 7 inches before I'll decrease for the toe! I am on the home stretch!

My KnitPicks order of bare yarn arrived yesterday. So I should be busy dyeing this weekend, but now the rush to get the Merlot socks done and hubby's sock yarn dyed isn't such a big rush now!

Guess I'll get to work on the Edgewater colorway yarn and get those socks started!

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