Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Hello Wasilla, and other knitting news

I often wondered if anyone ever checked in. Does anyone read my blogs?

Unless people left comments, I had no clue. Then one day, a friend told me about a site that will monitor hits on your blog.

Yes, I do have quite a lot of people checking in, only a few leave comments.

My greatest surprise was to have someone from my home state of Alaska check in. Thought it was my mom, but someone in Wasilla, Alaska, has been reading my blog! So, here I go, waving to you! HELLO, Wasilla! Hello to everyone else who stops by!

Back to Knitting

Since May of this year, I have completed 4 pairs of socks; pictured above, in order from L (first pair of socks) to R (most recent).

This week I learned the dreadful, yet wonderful, Kitchener Stitch (or 'grafting') on those lovely green "Girl's Best Friend" anklets. My first attempt created the oddest finish on the toe of that sock. After ripping it out, and re-knitting the rows that I dismantled in the process, I tried again. Nope, no go! I shoved it in my project bag and brought it to work with me with the plan to stop by the LYS on my way home.

At lunch, I figured I try just one more time. I did a search for videos demonstrating the stitch (just as I did at home). I wish I'd bookmarked the site I found as she made it so easy! EASY PEASY! WOW! Maybe it was because I had attempted, failed, and then gave myself think time. What ever it was, I'm did it!

I have my 5th pair on the needles. They were supposed to be a 100% wool, worsted weight socks for my husband. I hand dyed them myself, was told to add "a touch" of blue to tone down the fire-engine red. I must have added to many "touches" as I ended up with the most beautiful Merlot color! The flash gave them a very purple color so I'll have to wait until I can take them in natural light and post them at that time.

I now have to order more yarn -- but, do I just buy red, or attempt to dye again. The savings is not that much, so, maybe I'll just order him the red yarn and be done with it! Maybe I'll order more bare yarn just to play with!

In the mean time, I have an extra 220 yard skein of Merlot as my tiny feet only require 220 yards, not 330 his do. Anyone looking for Merlot Worsted weight 100% wool superwash yarn!? I have a lonely skein looking for a home...or maybe I'll knit two pairs for myself!

I did set a goal to knit one pair of socks each month from May on, so I am on target at this point in time. I'll finish my socks, and my husband's socks, that will take me to October. I have one on the sticks (one single sock), but several skeins waiting their turn to become socks!


Darcie said...

Okay, I am one of the ones who is guilty of sometimes reading and not commenting. I should know better. I promise to be much better in the future. :)

Where is the fun in just buying red yarn? :) And, gee, if you opps again you just get another pair of socks for yourself. Not such a bad thing. Of course, I am speaking of someone who has had their first dyeing lesson and thought it was pretty darn fun.

Fiber Jewels said...

Darcie, you're not the only one as I do have a large number of mystery people checking, and coming back, to my blog!

I like your thinking....I think I'll have to dye his yarn, wonder what mistake I can make so that they will be mine again!!!!