Monday, September 22, 2008

What a great puppy!!!!

We were ditched by our son, so hubby and I went to the hunting shack alone, just he and I and Abby.

We didn't bring home dinner, but Abby did flush a bird three different times. The first one I was blessed with witnessing her almost touch the bird with her nose. She was going under a tree and as I watched her the ground explode as the bird flew up and away.

I think the best part of hunting is being in the woods. The colors of the trees are so beautiful this time of the year as they begin to burst into autumn colors!

I kept wondering how I could dye a sock blank or a skein of yarn to represent those exact colors! The blue of the sky so brilliant, the maples, an orange-yellow with bright reds looking almost like they were on fire.

It was a good day in the woods, despite no knitting!

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