Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Rainy Day Tuesday

Yesterday I had to go to the post office to mail an order from my store. The good news is that it is close to the LYS; the bad news is that it is close to the LYS!

It was a rainy day, the type that made me wish I was home, curled up on the couch, either knitting or reading instead of making a living at work. I am also fighting a cold or allergies and am wore out, often coming home and going to be early each night after work, the thoughts of being tucked in my bed floated through my head quite frequently yesterday too.

My KnitPicks order is due any day, so I really should have stayed out of the LYS - I don't need any yarn, but since when did that ever stop me!?

As my hand knit sock collection grows (and the temps drop), I find myself wearing my hand knit socks over my store bought ones more frequently. I have a pair of brown pants with no hand knit socks I can wear with them. I'd also like more handknit socks to wear with jeans, something that would match them more than what I have. I found skeins of Lorna's Laces in the colorway titled "Blue Jeans," then I found some beautiful kettle dyed brown yarn. I was looking at over $40 in yarn (for TWO pairs of socks!). As I sat in the sock yarn area I saw the most gorgeous skeins of Lorna's Laces in a colorway titled "Edgewater" in the most beautiful blues, greens, and browns. Now I was looking at spending over $60!

I came to my senses, after all, I DO have a large order coming from KnitPicks any day and I can dye those yarns any color I want (or at least attempt to dye them colors I want -- remember the "red" yarn I dyed for hubby ended up Merlot). I put the other two colorways back, and purchased only the Edgewater colorway. I had them rolled into balls. The only problem is that to knit them so that the socks will match in some way means I'll have to pull one from the center and knit the other from the outside of the other ball of yarn!

I now have even more desire to finish the Merlot socks. I am on the home stretch and am now knitting the foot part having turned the heel, picked up (and started decreasing) the gusset last night. After knitting with the fingering weight yarn, this worsted weight knits up very fast! I am thinking I might havel knit my husband's socks toe up so that I can more or less knit until I run out of yarn and make them nice and tall for him.

I now have 5 different colorways of sock yarn waiting to become socks, not counting the 5 skiens coming from KnitPicks that I get to dye before knitting into socks, or what have you. Oh, and I have two sock blanks I could dye.

I think I need to stay out of the LYS for a while as I might have enough sock yarn to last me a year if I stick to my "one pair of socks a month" goal!

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