Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Halloween of Days Past

For some reason, this Halloween I'm thinking of Halloween when I was a girl "a hundred years ago" in Alaska.

We wore our costumes at our "Halloween Party" at school. We came home, ate dinner, and out we went gathering candy, in the cold and snow. One year I wore a long dress and went out with my brothers. They are 6 and 4 years older than I. We were out "forever" and they were supposed to be the responsible ones. Supposed to be! As my mom reads my blog, she will learn that they weren't so responsible!

The snow was up to my butt that year. We traipsed all over our neighborhood. Houses were pretty far apart way back when and we put on several miles. On our way back home, the boys had me sit in a ditch as they tossed snowball as passing cars (sorry, mom, I just sat in the ditch, THEY were the ones tossing the snow balls; okay, I made some of the snow balls for them). It must have been a rather fresh and wet snow fall as the snow balls were easy to make, my dress became wet from sitting in the damp snow. By the time we made it home, my dress was frozen solid.

I know we went out trick-or-treating every year, but that was the one year I remember. All that could be seen of my costume was the skirt of my dress over my snow pants and winter boots!

As I type this entry, Halloween is now only two short days away. There's no snow on the ground, the grass is green, and temps in the 40's are forecasted for this Friday.

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