Thursday, October 9, 2008

I finished knitting the "Merlot socks" and am happy with how they turned out; I will not wait patiently (because I don't want to rush it) for the weather to cool off enough to be able to wear them! The flash does funny things with the color of the yarn as one time they look rather purple, another time, more red! With the price heating oil, I may be wearing them inside if my hubby has his way with the temperatures in our house!
I have started my husband's socks, so my rapid river socks are on hold for a time being. Deer hunting season is in November, so I really need to get cracking on hubby's socks. Though I'm sure it wouldn't bother him if I didn't get them done, the point is I want him to have them for deer season and the rest of the winter, so, knit on, I will.
My next socks will be cranberry red wool/silk blend candy cane socks (because I want to wear them in December). I dyed the yarn last weekend and it turned out the color I had been shotting for with hubby's socks. A nice deep cranberry red.

That means the River Rapid socks knit with Lorna's Laces will be on hold for a time being.
I'm already tired of autumn! Wish the trees would just drop their leaves and get over with it. I never felt that way until I had horses in the back yard. We have a few Red Maple trees near the horse pen and the leaves (wilted, not fresh from the tree) are toxic to horses in large quatities. Every day, I rake their enclosure! The amount of time I spend raking takes out of other pleasures; spending time with my family, working with the horses, and KNITTING! It makes from some pretty long days, home from work, rake while dinner is in the oven, eat dinner, clean up, back outside to rake, rake, rake!

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Darcie said...

Love how the merlot socks turned out! And the new dye job looks really nice too.

I dont envy you all the raking. Between the kids and the dogs it seems that all the leaves from my backyard eventually end up in the house. But I would rather empty the vacuum cannister than be continually raking.