Friday, October 24, 2008

Would Anyone Like a Puppy? Free!

For quite a while, Abby's been sleeping on our bed. She's been good, doesn't get up during the night and all's been well.

Until last night.

Not sure why, but she was up and running amok in our bedroom. Hubby shooed her back to bed at midnight, and around 1 am, she woke me. I reached over to grab my glasses on my bedside stand and they were gone.

WHAT!? GONE? Oh, no, don't tell me she chewed on them, PLEASE! These are the first glasses I ordered without asking about the price. I'm old enough to "need" bifocals, so I found the frames I wanted and ordered the various lens options right down to no-line-bifocals. I just about choked when I got the bill, but I liked them, and they'd last several years and I deserved them. After all, did I mention I'm now old enough to require bifocals?

Those were the glasses missing. My eye site is bad! I mean REALLY bad.
You know the E at the top of the chart? I can't see it.
Without my glasses or contact lenses, I am legally blind! My far sited vision is so bad that standing, I couldn't tell you if you're wearing flesh colored socks or are barefoot! I tell you, it is bad!
So, here I am, at 1 am, crawling (because if I was standing, I wouldn't be able to see them) around on the floor, searching for my glasses.

Yes, Little Miss Abby had chewed on them! Too deep to be buffed out. On a positive note, it was only one lens, so it should cost only 1/2 as much to have that lens replaced, right?!
If they've discontinued those frames I might be screwed! I will be ordering them askng for their price!
She went back into her crate for the night, which involved me moving the crate from another room into our room and tracking down a blanket for it. As well as tossing her in it, hearing her whine, and then hauling her to the crate upstairs, went back to bed, with a pillow over my head because she wasn't happy about being forced to sleep in her crate and wanted the world to know she wasn't happy about it!
I was so wide awake by the time I crawled back in bed for the 4th time before 2 am, that I was unable to fall back to sleep!
Does anyone want a puppy? She's cute, just loves to chew on things!
I'm off for another cup of coffee, and another, and another.

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Darcie said...

Ain't it just grand sharing our lives with dogs! :) I'm laughing because my dogs aren't much for chewing. Gotta look at it in a postive light - she chewed your glasses because they are yours and she loves you. ;) And it is great blog fodder.