Saturday, November 15, 2008

Quick Update.

I have been phoning my mom several times a week; she sounds to be on the mend and is getting excellent care from her SIL (my "step-aunt").

Hubby took his new hand knit wool socks with him hunting; he tells me they are very warm (socks # 6).

It has been cold enough for me to wear the 100% merino wool socks I knit for myself -- they are warm and cozy and NOT scratchy at all!

The River Rapids Socks are almost finished -- I'm working on the last row before I bind off. These will be my 7th pair of socks since May, putting me ahead of schedule as these are will be my "November socks" with my goal of a year of socks (or one pair a month).

I've been knitting something for someone special -- this person does check in here once and a while, so I'll write more after he/she has received the item.

I had started my candy-cane socks a bit ago. The silk/wool blend is sooooo soft and smooth. No superwash, so I'll have to make sure they don't get into the laundry hamper and get felted in the washing machine. With my gift finished, I will be able to spend all my knitting time on these socks and will have them completed in plenty of time for wear during the month of December.

I will be flying home over the Holidays. I was able to get 7 additional days off. Not an easy feat for a teachers as, even though we do have more days 'off' than most other jobs, we don't get to choose those days. I was granted two days to take care of my mom, and 5 "funeral days".

The flight from here to Anchorage is over 6 hours, so I should be able to get some knitting done on the plane. I am thinking I'll knit some "Alaska socks" from yarn I will purchase while I am there. I am thinking I'll knit them with a snow-flake lace pattern (after I find that pattern!).

I'll post pictures of my River Rapids socks as soon as they are done, as well as Hubby's hunting socks and progress on my candy-cane socks. A picture and more details of my gift item will be posted after he/she has received it.

Knit on!

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