Wednesday, January 28, 2009

What knitting?

I have not picked up my sticks since I returned from Alaska!

I have been spinning on my wheel a lot since I came home; have learned a lot from it and am ready to start shopping for a more expensive wheel. I might go about seeing if I can sell it and take that money and apply it to my new wheel -- I'll be plunged back into spindle spinning, that I enjoy that too -- it is just that it can be incredibly slow!

It continues to be to darn cold for much of anything! Between the three weeks in Alaska with lows in the -35's and high rarely getting above 0, and returning home to find my home town in it's own deep freeze, I'm tired of cold weather.

I have laryngitis and will see my doctor today as it just is not getting better! My students love it as I can only talk so much and then I have to shut-up! I'm in the middle of giving some "norm referenced" tests and there are instructions that are to be read; I've been having another person come in my class and read them for me!

I will see if the doctor will document my migraines and the disability they cause. If she will, then I'll move on with training to make Abby my Service Dog. I'm wiating to talk to my doctor before I order her any "Medical Alert Dog in Training" bandanas or the like.

It's been so cold, you'd think I'd be knitting! Guess I've been too busy researching Service Dogs, and working with Abby!

until next time,

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