Tuesday, January 11, 2011


My thoughts and prayers go to the victims and their friends and family of the shooting in Arizona. It is a tragic event, no doubt.

As I listened to the news while they try to sort it out, the one thing that hits me is that they are so busy pointing their fingers at who is at fault and it left me with the question: When did we become a nation not responsible for our own actions?

The shooter purchased the gun, bought the bullets, and pulled the trigger, END!

He, and no one else, is responsible for his actions! They have not found anyone who forced him to do what he did. He did it on his own. Yes, he is a troubled man, who seemed to have a lot of warning signs, but hind sight is always 20/20. There are many many more who have many of the same “warning signs” that won’t ever come close to doing what he did.

If, in a rant here on my blog, I state that someone should be hurt or killed and one of my friends carries that out for me – am I to be blamed?

WAKE UP PEOPLE! If blame is continued to be placed on everyone except the shooter, we will continue to lose more and more of our rights!

I hear talk of making it illegal to buy clips larger than 10 rounds. A lot of blaming for what people said on websites – will our freedom of speech be on the chopping block to because of this?

Under the guise of our “safety” we are losing our rights to be free.

We have been forced to accept either to have our picture taken of our bodies, that basically a nude picture, or you can be sexually assaulted by the TSA.

If you were like me and thinking “it keeps us all safe”, chew on this: What happens when terrorists start using body cavities to hide bombs?

Bit by bit, stone by stone, right by right we are becoming prisoners in our own country.

I bet our forefathers are turning in their graves at the sad state we are in!

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