Monday, March 28, 2011


The February Lady Sweater
Knit for me by a friend from my home dyed and spun yarn.

Karma – I believe what goes around comes around.

So hard to remember that when I am dealing with a situation at work that has stressed me to the max. Just thinking of the situation can cause shooting pains behind my eye. I leave work every day with a pounding headache. I frequently find myself in tears over what is happening at work. Migraines are on the rise, and my friend Jose (in my margaritas) and I commiserate almost every evening beside the fire. I often wake up at 3 am and can’t fall back to sleep.

And all because of one women who lacks the self-esteem to treat others with respect.

But Karma will take care of it. I am sure of it.

You can’t be that mean, that nasty, and that rude and enjoy your life! As they say "People in glass houses……"

Karma - it will come back around, if it hasn't already.

When I was making the move from Minnesota to Alaska I had a huge stash of yarn to “re-home.” Most of it stuff I had spun. I couldn’t ship it all, and knew after a year in storage, it would be ruined (though, now I have a vacuum sealer-but sometimes you just have to let go!). So, I posted a “help, anyone want a large amount of home spun yarn?” on facebook and a friend offered to help me give the yarn a loving home.

In that huge bag of yarn was over a pound of green yarn for the February Lady sweater I had spun for, but with the divorce and move, I didn’t have time to knit, and hoped it would find a new home and become something other than yarn.

She asked me what I had planned for the green yarn and I shared with her the pattern and Ravelry (she’d never heard of Ravelry!). Never thought much more about that yarn until I received a package in the mail of! That yarn knit into The February Lady I had spun for (pictured above) I love that sweater, and wear it whenever I can, and love sharing the story behind it. The sweater pictured above was knit by her from my yarn.

She recently posted this - a sweater knit from the remaining yarn I spun. I never thought they could be knit into one project, let alone turn out so beautiful! I gave beautiful yarn to a wonderful friend, and she turned it into that beautiful coat of many colors!

Karma—what comes around goes around. I must distance myself from the ugliness at work and never forget the wonderful friends I have.