Monday, May 9, 2011

To Knit or To Garden???

I almost made my goal of getting to dividing of heels of my mom's socks.

I had mom over for the weekend and Mother's Day she and I spent the day together shopping and enjoying each other's company.

I purchased some hand garden tools and instead of knitting last night when I got home, I worked on my new flower bed. Started pulling weeds Friday, and finished last night.

So, alas, not as much knitting time as I'd have liked! This morning, before I get ready for work, I managed to knit the last pattern repeat before I divide for the heels. I missed my daily goal of a row or two.

We are supposed to get rain most of the day, so I may end up knitting instead of finishing the flower bed with new top soil and planting my Day Lillies.

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