Sunday, March 25, 2012

Modification to my Row Counters

I use my row counters and try to make them pretty much “idiot proof” because, well, when I’m knitting spending time thinking about my rows is the last thing I want to do.

Like most people, I knit while doing other things: watching TV, sitting in the waiting room, over coffee with friends. I don’t just sit and knit. Knitting is something I do to keep my hands busy while doing other things. Now if I could figure out how to knit while grading papers....hmmmm

So my row counters were created so that IT could keep track of my rows and I didn’t have to worry about it. Every time I reach the row counter, I put the needle in the next number, on to next stitch.

I wanted something simple, something I didn’t have to think about. Did I or didn’t I make a hash mark (move a bead, click the counter, etc.)? How many rows have you skipped, or counted twice with this method!? The row counter also had to stay with the project! I often have more than one project going, so, slips of paper, clickers, bracelets, and the like just didn’t work for me!

Having something pretty hanging off my knitting was nice too.

As a form of “homework avoidance” (and a little stress release) I picked up the sticks and have been knitting. Somewhere along the way I had changed my row counter from a chain to a loop. While knitting recently, I found that I would often not notice I’d reached another 10th row and didn’t move my 10’s clip.


So, a modification was needed! Actually, it was a return to a previous way I had been making row counter. I added a clip after 9 (yes, my row counter starts with zero, there is a reason for that, maybe in another post), the clip acts as a rumble strip of sorts alerting the knitter that you’ve reached the end of another 10th row. A quick stop, move needle to zero and the clip to the next 10’s spot and away you go. The clip also allows the knitter to either let the row counter hang as a long chain, or can clip it to make a loop.

I am in love with the one and only row counter I was able to create this week. It was hard to list it; I will have to resist pulling it from the store and using it myself. Guess it is a good thing I’m knitting with small needles right now! I pulled all the old row counters off, added the clip, retook pictures and they too have been relisted today.

As always, try one of my row counters for one week -- if you don't agree it is the Perfect Row Counter, return it for a full refund (less shipping).

If you would like your row counter modified with the added clip, let me know. I will do so at no charge to you other than you pay shipping.

See a row counter you like, but in the wrong size? Convo me and I may be able to make it in the size you want at no additional charge.

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Fibery Goodness!

It is only fitting that the day before I finished the last of my course work for my college classes, this little fibery goodness should arrive in my mail box.

It is from Little Monkey's Stitch & Spin! I love, love LOVE the batts Dena makes. I signed up for her 3 month's batt club and this was my first installment.

So, why am I not spinning? Wonderful weather got me outside and on the back of my horse, and then it's family dinner in an hour and I'm still a little stinky from the barn.

Maybe tomorrow?!
Update -- March 29 -- This is what I have so far of the above batt. Was thinking I'd Navajo Ply, but now I don't know. Thinking this would knit up to a beautiful lace shawl or wrap.

On the Home Stretch!!!!

Well, it's been a long time since I've checked in.
Today I am on the home stretch. To get my Alaska teaching certificate, I need two classes - Alaska History and a Culture Diversity class.
I have been working on both classes: one 100% self-paced, distance learning (all work is done in the comfort of my living room, and needed a lot of time management and discipline); the other I attended three classes in Anchorage and then the rest of the course work to be handed in weekly.
Today I WILL finish up the last of the course work, can knit without feeling like I REALLY should be doing classwork. Spend time making row counters and other pretties for my shop, and get back to life without the weight of these classes hanging over me!
I am off!