Saturday, March 24, 2012

Fibery Goodness!

It is only fitting that the day before I finished the last of my course work for my college classes, this little fibery goodness should arrive in my mail box.

It is from Little Monkey's Stitch & Spin! I love, love LOVE the batts Dena makes. I signed up for her 3 month's batt club and this was my first installment.

So, why am I not spinning? Wonderful weather got me outside and on the back of my horse, and then it's family dinner in an hour and I'm still a little stinky from the barn.

Maybe tomorrow?!
Update -- March 29 -- This is what I have so far of the above batt. Was thinking I'd Navajo Ply, but now I don't know. Thinking this would knit up to a beautiful lace shawl or wrap.

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