Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Every Way Wrap

Working on getting WIP's off the sticks.  About a year ago I found the Every Way Wrap in friend's magazine.  I ended up ordering the Fall 2009 Interweave Knits magazine in digital format because I just HAD to have this wrap.  I got the boarder done, and then was attending a monthly Knit2gether with a local knitting group and the cable pattern was not something to do while chatting!

Last night I attempted to begin where I had left off so long ago.  I was off by one stitch and despite the easy 2x2 rib, I couldn't figure out where that missing stitch was.

I ripped out the 30 rows (5 inches) and started anew.

Here is last night progress.  Three more rows and I'll get to tackle the cable and moss stitch patterns!

A very quick knit so far.  Then again, I'm not knitting with my standard thread and toothpicks (socks).

May 2 -- Last night started the body (cable, etc.) part of the wrap.  So glad I added a life line as I did something wrong on the cables and ripped out to the rib section this morning and am at it again.  So sad I have grown accustom to sleeping with a roof over my head as I can't sit home and knit all day and must put it aside and get ready for work.

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