Sunday, May 13, 2012

Happy Mother's Day

Nearing the end of that first skein of yarn. 
The Every Way Wrap is coming along nicely!

Why is it, when you are nearing the end of a project, and you get to the end of that last skein, that yarn goes by so fast as you worry, "Do I have enough?"

This small little ball lasted 4 more rows before passing
the project on to the next skein
BUT, when you are nearing the end of that first skein of yarn of a large project, and you happily think "one more row and I get to start my second skein!" you finish a row, look at what is left of that ball and it doesn't seem any smaller?!!?!?!

I have been milking the last of the first skein of yarn along, keep thinking "this is the last row" for several rows now!

I am beginning to wonder if the yard-gods are adding to the ball when I am not looking.  I am pretty confident that this next row will be my last before I get to start that next skein of yarn -- but I've been that way the last 4 or 5 rows!

I have not been able to get much knitting in this weekend as it has been a busy weekend!

Over the years, my mother's house has been a resting place for anything the family doesn't want, but doesn't seem to be willing to drag it to the dump.  It seems to be more "acceptable" up here in Alaska to have a yard full of junk than the lower 48, it drove me nuts that her house looks like a junk yard.  Last month, Dennis and I purchased her a greenhouse for her birthday, and we needed to clear a spot for her greenhouse that will be delievered in a couple weeks. So Dennis and I decided that we were going to haul all we could to the dump Saturday.

Little did we know it was "free" weekend at the dump.  So, we made 6 trips to the dump.  Dead fridgerators, old tires, lumber from construction many years past.  We saved her $96!

Today we are going to The Musk Ox Farm in Palmer, Alaska.  Mother's Day is their opening day, and we get to see the baby Musk Ox.  I'm hoping they have a gift shop and maybe I can splurge on some qiviut!

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