Thursday, May 31, 2012

In the Basket (aka: On the Sticks)

In The Basket
Pink & Gray Cousin Socks ~ Helix Scarf from hand spun ~ Every Way Wrap 

Have been meaning to share what I have on the sticks.  As most of my projects are smaller (socks, hats, scarves) I have tended to keep them in individual project bags that live in my knitting bag, that I pull out when I go knitting.  A friend gave me the picnic basket and it is working as a great resting place for my projects.

This is the longest lasting project.  Started over a year ago, the cable pattern scared me off. This spring I frogged it and started over.  It is the most complicated pattern I have attempted and I am loving it.  This may go in my carry on while flying.

These socks are for my cousin Tracie that have been in progress for a LONG time!  I started them cuff down, and after turning the heel, they became impossible to put on.  They were frogged and restarted toe up.  The left sock is the bottom of the sock, where the other you can see the slight pattern. These will be packed in my suitcase.

Helix scarf -- this poor yarn has been knit into two other patterns.  I am loving how it is turning out and am hoping to get it finished before I leave for three weeks.

It is Thursday - I hope to finish the Helix scarf at my weekly knitting group, Jitters Knitters.

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