Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Week in Review

Wednesday was the last day of being a 6th grade Resource Teacher at Wasilla Middle School - next year I will be the "Intermediate Resource Teacher" at Iditerod Elementary across the street.

Thursday I began organizing all the boxes of paper (still in search of my birth certificate).   My kitchen/dining room is a huge mess.  I knit in between chores, AND I made it to my knitting group!

Friday I had to hang around the house for the delivery of a green house kit that we were told by the salesman would NOT fit in the bed of our truck.  It arrived in two very small boxes that would have easily fit in the back of my RAV4!!!  I kept asking the delivery guys if they had forgotten a box, or three!  Nope, that was it.  Two tiny boxes, about 4 feet tall, 2 feet wide, and 6 inches deep! 

Saturday my boyfriend and I put the greenhouse up -- I developed a killer sinus headache (thank you mold spores!) and ended up taking a 3 hour "nap" while he completed the green house.  It is a tiny little thing, but it will work for my mother.  Hoping it will survive summer and winter in Alaska!  Time will tell!

Sunday we moved my horse to her new boarding facility.  I have no trailer and she has recently gotten over a lice infestation at her old barn.  The new place is only 4.2 miles away from the old place, so I figured I'd ride her.  After all, I used to endurance ride, and our training rides were 10 miles (10 FAST miles, I might add), and all but one of our races was 25 (one race was 50 miles).  4.2 miles?  Easy-Peasy!

uh, yeah, right.....

Raven was in heat -- a RAGING heat, with two things on her mind, mating, and staying alive.

She spooked at every little thing, fresh gravel in the driveway, mailboxes we had ridden by many times, etc.  She was a crabby, snotty little mare, wanting nothing more than to do what she needed to to have a baby!  We hadn't gone 2 tenths of a mile when she had a major temper tanrum and dumped me!  Geeze!  I texted boyfriend I'd been dumped, and was walking her.  He took over after my only going one teeny weeny mile and, IN THE RAIN, he walked her to the new barn.

I have the BEST boyfriend in the world!?

Monday was Memorial Services at Fort Richardson's National Cemetery, and then this morning, my boyfriend got up and went to work.

Not a lot of knitting, but a busy week, none the less.

This week will be spent getting that green house all set up for mom as well as any other things I need to do before running away to Minnesota for three weeks.

Gosh, I'm am so lucky to have the best boyfriend in the world!

Did I mention, I have the BEST boyfriend in the world!?!

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