Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Down Sizing

This past week has been awful as I go through items tossed into a storage when I headed home to Mom in Alaska after a divorce. For every little thing I put in storage 2 years ago, this week I have had to ask myself again -- keep or get rid of? If I keep it, do I store it in my friend's garage, or do I ship to to Alaska? If I get rid of it -- do I trash it, give it away, or try to sell it? If I sell it, what price! UGH!!! Every day for the last week, after getting ready for the day, I have spent most of the day either in the storage unit or my friend's garage going through bits & pieces from my life 2 years ago. It's been Keep (store or ship), get rid of (sale, toss, give away), man garage sale, go home, sleep and repeat! I did very well the first day of the sale, and since then, it's been nothing. Craigslist adds have been SCAMMERS--I hate them! So, I am done. Today, it is keep (store or ship) or haul to Good Will!

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