Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Introducing Geocaching to Friends!

Aileyn and two young boys we met (picture taken by their mother)
on the way up Baldy in Eagle River, Alaska
My most recent endeavor is Geocaching.  For those not familiar with Geocaching, let me see if I can explain it.  People hide 'caches' everywhere, use their GPS's to determine the coordinates, then enter that information at  Caches can be tiny (the size of the tip of your pinkie) or as large as an ammo can.  The best way to describe the larger ones is a junk drawer and can have nothing but junk or very cool treasures!

My fiance and I have been exploring geocaching and when my friend, Rosemary, called and wanted to go on a hike, I said sure, loaded up my GPS with from caches in the area we agreed to hike in and when she picked me up, I asked her if we could also do some Geocaching.

As we headed up the mountain, I explained to my Rosemary's Granddaughter, Aileyn, how to work my GPS and off she went.  We met a woman (Alison) who was taking a hike with her two young boys.  While Aileyn stopped to wait for us to catch up, Aileyn shared with Alison what we were doing.  Aileyn didn't know this is supposed to be done in stealth, and that you have to be aware of "muggles" (those NOT geocaching)!

I am not in shape, so I had to rest, A LOT!  It was a very steep climb, and as we ascended all three of the adults were worried about the trip down! 
The youngest of our crew on top of Baldy, before going off to find our first cache of the day.
We had a blast and Rosemary and Alison got hooked too!  I need a better camera to haul with me in my back-pack, though my phone did a nice job of taking pictures!
Our first cache of the day. All the kids had a blast!
Enjoying lunch with our first cache of the day and new friends
After putting the cache back, we went back to searching for the other caches!  It was a blast.  My friend and I will be going out again tomorrow.  One of the Cache's are called "Mile Hi" because the peak of the mountain is a mile high....yikes!!!
The only negative, I don't think I can Geocache and knit.  The climb up Badly required ALL my attention!  I did know of a different trail down the moutain on the back side, so we took that, but even that trail was not one I could knit and walk on!

Other notes -- I think I passed the test (will know in 3 1/2 weeks).  I have managed to complete some knitting projects so will have to add them to my FO for 2012).

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