Monday, July 30, 2012

Knitting on Top of the World!

Knitting at Geocache site called "Blacktail Rocks" at 4000 feet above sea level!
Thursday we hiked up to Mile Hi - I took the panoramic that I'm now using as a banner across the top of the page.  Our goal was to Blacktail Summit (4400 feet), but my legs would not make it as I am new to this hiking up mountains thing.  We brought my springer/brittany spaniel cross, Abby, with and she had a blast.   Next time, we will make it to Blacktail Summit!

It was a killer hike and I really had to push it, but the views were AMAZING!

Abby and I on the way up.  The mountain behind and to the right is the one we climbed Thursday.

The trail to base of Blacktail
At the base of the final run towards Blacktail Summit
My hiking partner and dog are much faster at climbing than I am.

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