Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Moving Nightmares!

Oh the dreams!  YIKES!

The most recent move dream nightmare is about the boxes.

First we end up at the wrong house.  Put all boxes back in truck and get to the right house.

Unload the truck and low and behold, wrong boxes!  They aren't ours!

Eventually get our boxes in our new house, and the "movers" keep putting the boxes in the wrong rooms.

Finally, get the right boxes in the right house, in the right rooms and I begin to unpack.

The evil moving trolls have played havoc yet again.

The labels on the outside of the boxes don't match what is inside the boxes!

The Kitchen boxes contain clothes, bathroom boxes contain pots and pans.....

Alarm goes off, I get up, look around at all the work yet ahead and want to crawl back in bed -- but the fears of the dreams returning keeps my feet moving towards the coffee pot!

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