Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Spin, Spin, Spin!

There is so much going on right now, it makes my head spin!
  • September 10, Dennis texts me one morning with a picture of the above house.
  • September 14, Dennis lists his house with a realtor
  • September 17, Dennis and I look at the house -- we LOVE it.  It meets 90% of the items on our "dream home list"
  • September 18, we take my mom to see the house, she loves the fact that she can live on the main floor and not have to navigate stairs.   She will have her own master bedroom suite, with attached bath.  We have the upstairs with two bedrooms and a shared bath.  We agree to meet late the following evening and draw up an offer
  • September 19, NOON -- we find out an offer had been placed on the house, the sellers were going to counter offer, but would wait to look at our offer first.
  • September 20, we find out they accepted our offer!!!!!
  • September 21, Dennis' townhouse sale goes live
  • September 23, Dennis sells townhouse!!!  No more worries about carrying two mortgages!
In two weeks we went from looking, to actually having found one house, sold the other, and now we have to move!

Mom will move with us, her house is paid for, so we will declutter 20+ years of "stuff" over the winter and put it up for sell in the spring!

ETA:  you thought this would be about spinning yarn...didn't you!!!!!

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