Sunday, November 25, 2012

FO #14

A very quick knit, this pair of fingerless gloves (Smashed Grapes). Instead of doing the "Black Friday" thing (which I have done once and will NEVER do it again as I HATE crowds), I sat down and started these fingerless gloves.  Played around with one, then attempted to catch the other one up.  I frogged them both and started them two at a time.

They are a gift, and am sure their future owner does not read my blog.

Wonder what else I can knit for a gift from my stash!?

Friday, November 16, 2012

About that Birch Leaf Shawl.....

Birch Leaf Shawl, bottom left with FO #10 Green Boot Socks, and FO #11 Ribbed Garter Sock.

I am not really enjoying knitting with lace weight yarn on my Birch Leaf Shawl and the last week or so has caused me great frustration.

While pulling the needle further down the stitches, I pulled a couple stitches off, while picking them up, some unraveled up to 4 rows.  I have since been "de-knitting" (aka:  un-knitting), which has been frustrating.  If I had only had a life-line!

I was tired last night and really shouldn't have been trying to fix this error, but I did!  I dropped yet more stitches, got even more frustrated and, well, off the needles it went and frogged it.....

Birch Leaf Shawl starts over....
Started over, here we go, I will be attempting life-lines shortly! 

Thursday, November 15, 2012

FO # 12 & 13

We have moved in and there hasn't been much time for knitting.  We had a Professional Development (PD) day Monday.  I have two projects on the sticks right now, the Birch Leaf Shawl and my Every Way Wrap, neither easy, mindless knitting.  I sat next to my knitting friend from work while she knit on a hat.  I couldn't stand it!  During our lunch break, I dashed off to the store, purchased cotton yarn and needles and upon returning to the PD, I knit myself one dish cloth and started the second which I finished at home after dinner.

So, it is a streatch, but above are FO's 12 & 13.  I have enjoyed mindless knitting, which I haven't had in a long time!

Saturday, November 3, 2012

 FO #11 DONE!!!!
I need a photographer or someone with the same size feet!

Friday, November 2, 2012

Almost FO # 11


Yesterday I got a call from my mom.  She is flying out to visit her brother in England Monday and she had called her doctor in regards to a medical issue that popped up the night before last.  He wanted to her to go the Emergency Room to get it checked out.  A quick schedule change at work, and I was off to take her to the ER.  First stop lunch (because we knew we were in for a long wait).

Nothing major, but we did sit in the ER for 6 hours, 20 minutes (not that I was counting). 

I am sitting here this morning, with only about 5 more rows to complete on the toe decrease and the socks will be finished, but they will have to wait!

FO # 11 is almost complete! 

Work calls......