Sunday, January 6, 2013

and even more after......

My craft room/office set up continues!  So, here we go ...

Reminder, I started with this mess only 4 short days ago (okay, I admit, the REAL mess is outside of the smart phone camera's view).

I thought I really wanted this desk found on Craigslist.  The sellers never replied and when I shared the picture with a friend she pointed out all those tiny drawers looked like storage, but unless I was collecting paper clips, they were worthless.  Okay, point taken.

So, I ended up with this, but knew I needed more space as the card-table type table was NOT large enough. Add that I really liked the idea of closing up my desk area from view like you can do with a roll top, especially when I'm working on school work that takes more than one sitting.

I decided that one of three things was going to happen before I returned to work Monday:
  1. I would haul the old "distressed" and ugly desk I was using at my mom's here;
  2. I would find something and purchase on Craigslist;
  3. I would purchase a BRAND new desk!
Back to Craigslist I went for one last ditch effort!  There was one I saw way back before Christmas.  It was a desk armoire in a mission style much like the furniture we have.  Well, then I got side tracked with that pretty roll top desk.

the new desk from the angle of the other pictures

We picked up this little number.  I am told it weighs "a lot" not to mention, one of the people helping moving it up stairs informed us it would be sold with the house!  Yes, it is THAT heavy!

Here it is open and ready for use.  I completed Progress Reports for my students this morning and am sitting in that chair right there, with my dog, Abby, at my feet, typing this blog entry.

It's a pretty little thing DOES match our furniture, and will work well if my "craft room/office" ends up being the "craft room/office/guest bedroom"!


Gracey is not my name.... said...

Very looks great in the room...

Fiber Jewels said...

Thank you very much -- am enjoying my new space!