Friday, January 4, 2013

Before and After

 One of my goals for Winter Break was to get my things moved and a place set up for my craft room/office. 

Yesterday morning, my room looked something like this,

And now it looks like this!

craft room/office after being organized ~need a desk, and another bookshelf or two!

I really need to get a desk as my 1.5 x 3 foot card table like table is way too small.  As a teacher, I need more room, so I guess I am hauling my lap top, and my book bags to the dining room table to work.

Have continued to search Craigslist for desks but I am beginning to give up hope.

I did some research on the roll top desk I fell in love with.  The sellers claim they commissioned it to be made 30 years ago; the company that made the desk has only been in business 25 years.  The seller claims the desk is "retailed" at $3000; I can buy a NEW one here in Alaska for under $1500.

Add that the sellers are not answering their emails.

Another seller didn't post any pictures and then gave me the third degree when I asked for pictures.

Yet a third seller also is not answering emails.

The rickety old desk that I was using at my mom's is starting to look better and better!  And the price is very right...FREE!

The papers are not grading themselves, nor are the reports cards, progress reports, and lesson plans doing them on their own, so off to the dining room table.

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