Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Busy, Busy, Busy....

Where has the time gone?  The past week and a half have been very busy.

New couch, on order.....

First things first -- Monday, Martin Luther King, Jr. Day, both my honey and I had the day off, so we drove into Anchorage and ordered the couch pictured for the office/craft/guest room.  In all my adult life, I generally purchased all my furniture used, this was a splurge (I have owned cars cheaper than this leather sofa-sleeper with an air mattress).

As a Special Education (Sped) teacher, I had a rather quiet first half of the school year.  Since right before "Winter Break" I have been busy.  Got a new student in the middle of an evaluation which we finished days after returning from break.  Another new student joined our school from out of district, and that is a whole other bunch of paper work; he is due for re-evaluation.  Add to that, one of my "old" students is due for re-evaluation (every three years).  My schedule changed at work, and I lost my only large chunk of prep (now my prep is 10 minutes here, 15 minutes there, etc.)  Many mornings have been spent in the office/craft/guest room at my lovely desk!  This too shall pass.

I have managed to knit at least 10 minutes a day--it is a challenge of the knitting group I am on.  It works, I only "have" to knit for 10 minutes, and if time allows I usually knit more.  This morning I may end up putting in my 10 minutes before I head out the door. I have been focusing on my Every Way Wrap and am now on the 15th pattern repeat of 16, then 5 inches of a 2x2 rib, find buttons and a way cool shawl pin and it will be done.

I have not really done much on my Dalekanium Socks, and NOTHING on my Birch Leave Shawl.

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