Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Looking Forward into 2013

The following is what is currently (as of this very minute) posted on a new page titled:  2013 - Fiber Art Goals and FO (which while change as the year progresses, or as I see typos!):

As I look forward to the remainder of 2013, I think about my fiber art goals and wonder what will they be.

Right now, they are VERY simple and to finish current WIP:
I would also like to:
  • Get my craft room/office set up:  as of 1/7/13 -- "new" (used) desk purchasefd and working well, need comfy couch that can fold out to a bed (or futon, but having a hard time convincing my honey that a futon is comfy to sleep on!);
  • picture and record my entire stash of yarn/fiber (roving and yarn) on Ravelry;
  • find a nice yarn that will hold up well to washing and wearing for socks for my honey (worsted weight)
  • knit at least one item per month (12) for the year;
  • knit at least one item from each of the knitting books that I haven't already knitted from (as I type this, I am thinking of the book Arctic Lace by Donna Druchunas---but it is lace and I'm not fond of lace, but I own the book and I live in Alaska and that is what the book is about, so I should..........)

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Gracey is not my name.... said...

Yeah not a fan of lace either...as I crochet mainly, the closet thing is thread crochet..which kills my fingers (cramps)

Yes the SPED teacher I work with is in the middle of 3 evaluations..(one is mine)....so that would bring me up to 9 in my mainstream classroom...I had 11, but they reshuffled kids with the new principal..